Sarah Abusarar tells stories so that she may go deep inside of the tales and find herself in far-away magical places, that she remembers, from long, long ago. Pat Bisset tells many kinds of stories from tiny rhymes to folk, fairy and her historical Sagas. She is an experienced fool being chosen for “fool” in a Mummers Play. Michale Boulger tells stories to youngsters and their chauffeurs. He improvises and engages the audience into his stories. Natasha Charles can be found at various venues telling fairy tales, folktales, myths and legends, often with dark edges reflecting the spookiness of her native Trinidadian tales. Nick Miceli is an experienced teller at 1001 Friday Nights of Storytelling and Centre for Spiritual Living.  He self-published the storytelling CD Dragon on the Mountain available at available at Paul Nash has been telling stories of humour, wisdom and human folly from many sources for 8 years at 1001 Nights of Storytelling. This will be his fourth year with Storyfire. Maria Ordonez tells stories from Latin America and from the Spanish tradition to children and adults. She loves to tell stories about strong and mature women. Molly Sutkaitis attributes her love for storytelling to her Irish Granda continuing his traditions she tells Celtic personal and traditional folktales, delighting all ages. Cecilia Vizcaino loves telling stories to children and adults, in English, in Spanish and in both! She facilitates a monthly Story Time in Spanish for children and works at the Kitchener Public Library where stories are hiding in every corner, waiting to be found.