Michelle Silagy is an award-winning contemporary dance artist and teacher. She has collaborated with cross-discipline dance innovators many of whom thread text into their work, to include: Megan Andrews, Jackie Burroughs, Sarah Chase, Jennifer Lynn Dick, Andrea Nann and William Yong. Silagy’s work, noted for its poetically rich visual, spoken and movement imagery, has been presented within Toronto, Amsterdam, New York City, and above the Arctic Circle with Susan Aglukark. Silagy has also performed and worked with DanceAbility International in Montevideo, Uruguay, Vienna’s Museumsquartier and at the Cultural Centre in Baja Ca., Mexico. Upcoming projects include the creation of a talking dance work for differently abled populations: Flying Hearts is made with Theatre Direct Director Lynda Hill and dancers Tylee Jones and Jessica Runge.

Photo by Lisa Fleishman