Folktales and Personal Stories

The community gallery at the Artscape Wychwood Barns faces Wychwood Avenue, on the northeast corner of the facility.

DATE & TIME: March 23, 11:00 AM – 3:30 PM


Tickets: $10 at the door, cash only, gets you into any number of shows you want to attend. Included in Festival Pass

Audience: 14+

Producer: Storytelling Toronto

The Peter MacKendrick Community Gallery:
601 Christie St., Toronto

Community Gallery

Audience: 14+

Tickets: tba


Lynn Torrie: The Princess and the Ogres. In this original adaptation of a traditional folktale from India, a princess disguises herself as a man, fights ogres and even finds herself a wife as she searches for her missing family.


Peter Chand: Folktales from India. Peter has been storytelling since 1999, and has entertained audiences all over Britain and further with his tales from the Indian Subcontinent.


Sage Tyrtle: On the planet Zablotz, bookish loner Sage would fit right in. Too bad she’s stuck in California. On her travels from Lesbian Separatist Womyn’s Land to the Toronto subway, she learns that her total inability to fit in was actually her superpower – and how Zablotz was closer than she thought all along.


Jess Smith: Traveller stories from around the campfire. Jess Smith grew up in a Scottish Traveller family, listening to stories of ancient kings, dragons, witches, tramps, and all manner of heroes.


Sarah Abusarar and Harriet Xanthakos: Stories From the Hills. Sarah tells a Balkan folktale of an old traveller who needs a place to spend the night. Harriet responds with a story about her grandmother, an old traveller, who left Greece for America.


Ariel Balevi: La Rosa Eflorece. Ariel tells a story from the disappearing culture of his ancestors, the Sephardim (Spanish Jews), where the humourous, the mystical, and the earthly live side by side in daily lives.

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