Storytellers’ Camp Day 2 – Afternoon Workshops

Campers choose one workshop.

  1. Jess Smith: Story and Song. Jess will share some traditional Scottish Traveller stories and ballads, and explore with participants how story and song can be intertwined.
  2. Ron Evans: Storytelling Gifts. Carrying the oral traditions of his Metis and Chippewa-Cree ancestries, Ron rarely chooses his stories ahead of time, since the stories he tells are in response to his listeners. This is an opportunity to experience and discuss the stories that unfold, rather than a “workshop.”
  3. Peter Chand and Pavan Chand: part 1 of a two day workshop “In the mix.” Renown storyteller Peter Chand and music producer PKCtheFirst share some of the techniques they employed creating their performance piece “Tongue Tied & Twisted,” incorporating live storytelling, music mixing and soundscapes. This exciting and unique workshop will give participants the opportunity to record part of a story live, and then enhance it by using state of the art mixing and DJ techniques. Each participant will leave with a recording of the finished story that they will have helped to create. Suitable for experienced storytellers. If you play a small instrument please bring this with you to the workshop. Limited to 6 participants.

DATE & TIME: March 21, 1:30 PM – 3:30 PM


Tickets: $ 120 EARLY BIRD / $135 Regular Price

Audience: Adult

Producer: Storytelling Toronto

CSI Annex: 720 Bathurst St., Toronto

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