March 3 – Storytelling at the Gladstone

A festival tradition, this is a one-day celebration of the Toronto storytelling community, featuring traditional wonder tales, ballad singing, original stories, personal stories, historical stories, literary stories and experimental narratives.

DATE & TIME: March 3, 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM


Tickets: $20 admission at the door gets you in to any number of shows you want to attend.

Audience: 14+

Producer: Storytelling Toronto

Gladstone Hotel: 1214 Queen Street West


Melody Bar


10:00 AM

Stories Of Course:
Stories told by students from Storytelling Toronto, hosted by instructors Lynda Howes and Marylyn Peringer

11:00 AM

Family, Friends and Fate:
Judy and Paul Caulfield use story and song to give voice to the unique perspectives and varied experiences of Canadians.

Stories to Welcome Back the Light:
Have you noticed how the days are getting longer? Listen as Marylyn Peringer shares myths from Canada and other places illustrating the disappearance of the sun and celebrating its gradual return.

11:30 AM

Stories Through the Sound of Music:
Music has opened doors and crossed barriers from the time Valentina Gal was a little girl and on through her adult life.
Poignant and fun, her musical stories are an important part of her human experience.

12:00 PM

Once Upon a Dark Time:
Join Natasha Charles on a journey in honouring legendary nightmarish denizens from Japan and Trinidad, whom you’ll wish never to meet upon waking.

How Quest Went in Search of Truth:
Sarah Abusarar tells a Croatian fairytale written by celebrated Croatian children’s writer Ivana Brlić-Mažuranić.

12:30 PM

True Tall Tales from a Thunder Bay Girl
Sometimes life can really BUG us, until we stop creating a negative buzz and suck it up with humour! Heather Whaley tells two original tales.

1:00 PM

The Little Black Doll:
Can an orphan girl burrow her way into the good graces of her stodgy grandmother?
SI Boucaud tells a charming Lucy Maud Montgomery story.

#MeToo – Tales of Old That Must Be Told:
The York Storytelling Guild shares five powerful stories about fictional women whose memories were clear and whose words would not be silenced.
Featuring: Lynn Torrie, Laurie Malabar, Anna Kerz, June Brown and Brian Walsh

1:30 PM

Two Tales from Newfoundland:
Pat Bisset tells the stories of Jack and Ti-Jean. Always the underdogs, they challenge the deepest, darkest beings of our subconscious. Will they triumph?

2:00 PM

Day of the Vulture:
Using folktale, original writing and personal story, Leah Stinson weaves strong visual imagery and lyrical wording into tales of death and finding hope.

Dem Bones, Gonna Rise Again:
Meryl Arbing, Diane Bosman and Donna Dudinsky return for a third and final round of Death-defying tales, this time with tales of resurrection.

2:30 PM

Entirely Spooky Tales:
Adele Koehnke tells two original tales to grip and amaze. The fates catapult two normal Toronto people into two nail biting real and yet surreal worlds.

3:00 PM

Sisters, Queen and Captive:
Singing and telling the Sephardic ballad “An Andalusian Moorish Queen Seeks a Christian Maidservant”, Judith Cohen weaves in singers’ stories from medieval Spain, Morocco and Bosnia, with stories of the ballad itself.

The Battle for Yonge Street – Celebrating Stonewall:
Imagine we’re back in 1969 – what was Toronto like for LGBTQ2S people? How different their lives were! Did the Stonewall riots in New York City, 50 years ago, have an impact here? Queers in Your Ears, Toronto’s oldest queer storytelling collective, will ask what might have happened if we’d had a Stonewall of our own.
Featuring: Jeffrey Canton and Rico Rodrigues

3:30 PM

Mother Teresa and Me:
Rubena Sinha tells a story about her two meetings with Mother Teresa and how those meetings resonated in her life.

4:00 PM

The History of My Voice:
Mixing song and story, Michelle Tocher tells a personal story about the silencing of her singing voice and her journey to reclaim the full capacity of the human voice.

The Love of a Good Woman – A Joan Bodger Tribute in Story and Song:
Based on a story by Joan Bodger, Jean Bubba and Michelle Rumball weave a narrative told in words and music, depicting the need for the healing power of women for a father wounded by the world and war.

4:30 PM

Don’t Lose That Thread!
Complexity! Some of the old ballads twist and turn! Performed in the traditional single-voice style, these songs offer interesting, if not always logical, developments – if you can keep your focus!
Balladeers: Karen Kaplan and Meryl Arbing

5:00 PM

Tales from the Fringes:
Canadian Comedy Award recipient Briane Nasimok shares the triumphs and tribulations of taking his award-winning one-person storytelling show “Confessions of the Operatic Mute” on the road.

Forbidden Love:
June Brown, Anna Kerz and Laurie Malabar reveal the pain and life-long repercussions felt by young people who broke the sexual codes in the ‘40s, ‘50s, and ‘60s.

5:30 PM

Snow Queen in North Korea:
When the real North Korean dictator’s son kidnapped a moviemaker, he was unwittingly acting out Hans Christian Andersen’s famous folktale, The Snow Queen. Sage Tyrtle intertwines the two stories and explores the question: What happens when powerful people get lonely?
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