Katari Japanese Storytellers

Born in Tohoku, the northeast of Japan, Koko Kikuchi has been involved in Katari almost since its inception. He specializes in the folktales of his native region of Iwate, Northern Japan. Born in Hyogo, Japan, Sachiko Hata-Pereklita is an active community worker and singer at various local community events and she loves painting and teaching Etegami (picture card) craft. Librarian (now retired) at the Royal Ontario Museum, Jack Howard has told stories at the ROM and other venues for over 30 years. Jack feels a particular bond with the traditional fables of East Asia, especially Japan and Korea, and enjoys telling the folktales from those lands. Toshiki Mori is an actor, storyteller, singer and writer. He was born and raised in Fukushima, Japan. During his childhood, he spent two years in Portland, Oregon. Toshiki is currently staying in Canada with Working Holiday Visa. He started his career as a storyteller of Kamishibaiin Toronto and he has been performing in Toronto and Montreal. Yusuke Tanaka is a veteran translator, writer, director of Katari since 1994. He has been telling Ainu stories and his own adaptations of Japanese folklore in many places such as New York, Seoul, Kyoto, Tokyo, and Sapporo. Yoko Hyde and Sonoe Howard are the members of Urara, a Toronto Odori (Japanese dance) group. They have danced together for many years and certainly are Japanese dance enthusiasts, as we will see. This dance depicts life in the fishing village, Tanchame, on the west coast of the island of Okinawa. The rhythm of the dance suggests rowing the boat, fishing and gathering. A young man and woman are seen growing in the fondness of each other as they fish.




March 2: (3:00PM-5:00PM)


The Japan Foundation
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