The York Storytelling Guild

The York Storytelling Guild is a collection of tellers with different specialties, interests, and a common goal: to share storytelling as an art that can entertain, teach, heal, and bring diverse people together. Lynn Torrie loves traditional wisdom tales that teach us how to live well with each other and with our environment. She tells in schools, churches and community settings to audiences of all ages. Laurie Malabar believes stories are essential to open our imaginations and to create the foundations for literacy. She has delighted audiences of all ages in schools, libraries and at community art events including the Toronto Storytelling Festival. Anna Kerz is an accomplished storyteller with a wide repertoire of tales that touch the heart and tickle the funny bone. She is known for her personal stories, many of which tell about her early years as an immigrant child in the Kensington Market. She tells to listeners of all ages in schools and libraries, at community gatherings and at festivals. June Brown enjoys telling lively tales from a variety of cultures. She loves using humour and audience participation and finds that audiences, both young and old, enjoy getting involved in the tale. She has told in therapeutic settings, schools, libraries, at community events and at various festivals. Specializing in stories from Celtic Mythology, Brian Walsh has told at numerous venues, including the Toronto Storytelling Festival; while guest-lecturing at the University of Toronto; on stage at Dundas Square; and deep in the woods, around a campfire with friends. Brian is especially interested in the role of sacred stories as a vehicle for healing, wisdom, and building deeper relationships, all while having a bit of fun along the way.




March 3: (1:00PM-2:00PM)


Storytelling at the Gladstone
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