Valentina Gal

Valentina Gal says: I was raised in Hamilton where many displaced persons of WWII settled. While studying at McMaster University, I discovered that my area of the city was diverse in culture and peopled by interesting characters. My stories explore the adventures of the blind daughter of immigrants negotiating her way through life. At the age of six, I went to the Ontario School for the Blind, one of the few places in Canada where blind children were educated. My father was the son of a balalaika maker and my mother was an excellent singer. Our home was always full of music. At school, music was mandatory so, as it was a big part of my education, it provided me with many interesting opportunities. As an adult, I’ve participated in choirs both sacred and secular where I met many people and had lots of experiences. Some of these have turned into wonderful stories that I enjoy sharing.




March 3: (11:30PM-12:00PM)


Storytelling at the Gladstone
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